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91. J. Estager; P. Nockemann; K. R. Seddon; G. Srinivasan; M. Swadzba-Kwasny: Electrochemical Synthesis of Indium(0) Nanoparticles in Haloindate(III) Ionic Liquids. 93. M. Swadzba-Kwasny; L. Chancelier; S. Ng; H. G. Manyar; C. Hardacre; P. Nockemann: Facile in situ synthesis of nanofluids based on ionic liquids and copper oxide clusters and nanoparticles. 94. J. A. Vicente; A. Mlonka; H. Q. N. Gunaratne; M. Swadzba-Kwasny; P. Nockemann: Phosphine oxide functionalised imidazolium ionic liquids as tuneable ligands for Disposable Vapes lanthanide complexation.

62. P. Nockemann; I. Pantenburg; G. Meyer: Mono- and dimethyl-1,2,4-triazolate as ligands for the mercuric ion within the cationic three-dimensional coordination polymer of Hg-2(Mmt)(Dmt)(2) (NO3)(H2O)). 31. R. Van Deun; P. Nockemann; P. Fias; Okay. Van Hecke; L. Van Meervelt; Ok. Binnemans: Visible mild sensitisation of europium(III) luminescence in a 9-hydroxyphenal-1-one advanced. 13.

P. Nockemann; G. Meyer: Disposable Vapes (https://www.vapinggood.com/) Bis(tetrabutylammonium) decaiodotetramercurate(II), (Bu4N)(2) Hg4I10. 63. P. Nockemann; I. Pantenburg; G. Meyer: Vape Mods Mercuric bis(N-imino-methyl-formamidate), Hg(Imf)(2). 89. K. C. Lethesh; K. Van Hecke; L. Van Meervelt; P. Nockemann; B. Kirchner; S. Zahn; T. N. Parac-Vogt; W. Dehaen; K. Binnemans: Vape Products Nitrile-Functionalized Pyridinium, Pyrrolidinium, and Piperidinium Ionic Liquids. 64. P. Nockemann; B. Thijs; T. N. Parac-Vogt; K.

Van Hecke; L. Van Meervelt; B. Tinant; I. Hartenbach; T. Schleid; V. T. Ngan; M. T. Nguyen; Ok. Binnemans: Carboxyl-Functionalized Process-Particular Ionic Liquids for Solubilizing Metal Oxides. 83. Okay. Lunstroot; Ok. Driesen; P. Nockemann; L. Viau; P. H. Mutin; A. Vioux; Okay. Binnemans: Ionic liquid as plasticizer for europium(III)-doped luminescent poly(methyl methacrylate) films.

68. T. Schleid; S. Strobel; P. Ok. Dorhout; P. Nockemann; Ok. Binnemans; I. Hartenbach: YF MoO4 and YCl MoO4 : Two halide derivatives of yttrium ortho-oxomolybdate: Syntheses, vape shop buildings, and Vape Kits luminescence properties. 40. A. O’Riordan; E. O’Connor; S. Moynihan; P. Nockemann; P. Fias; R. Van Deun; D. Cupertino; P. Mackie; G. Redmond: Disposable Vapes Near infrared electroluminescence from neodymium advanced-doped polymer mild emitting diodes.