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Types of personal injury lawyers injury legal (https://flanderswiki.org/wiki/index.php/20_Things_You_Must_Know_About_Personal_Injury_Law) Injury Compensation

You may be qualified for compensation if sustained an injury due to inattention or wrongdoing by another party. Learn about the types of damages you can receive by speaking with an attorney for personal injury compensation injury near you.

In personal injury case injury cases, there are two types of damages that can occur that are non-economic and economic. This article will discuss these two categories and discuss how they affect the amount you can claim for compensation.

Economic Damages

A person may be entitled to financial damages when they are injured in an accident. These damages could include medical expenses, lost earnings, and property damage.

In most cases, these types injuries can be quite costly, particularly in the case of serious injuries. This is because they will require extensive treatment. When they recover, patients may have to pay for mobility equipment or prescription medications.

These expenses can quickly mount up, so it is important to keep receipts. These receipts will help you establish the value of your losses as well as increase your compensation.

In personal injury attorney injury cases earnings and future earnings are the most common types of economic losses. This is because the victim could be out-of-work for a period of weeks, months and even years following an accident. In this case the compensation awarded should reflect the amount the victim could have earned if they were not disabled from working.

If someone is disabled or an individual in the family dies due to an accident, the victim may be entitled to compensation for services provided to the living. These include nursing, home health, and physical therapy services, among others.

Many people require assistance with the same duties they completed prior to their accident. This includes household chores, driving a vehicle and caring for the outdoor as well as taking care of the dependent family member.

In these cases, an attorney may be capable of providing receipts, bills and Personal Injury Legal other proof of the cost of these items. They may also hire experts to testify about the value of these damages.

These damages are valued differently based upon the specific needs of the victim and the circumstances surrounding the accident. Typically, a jury will examine a range of factors when making an award of economic damages.

Some examples of these damages could include:

Pain and suffering

This is usually given to those who have suffered from severe accidents who have suffered emotional or physical injuries due to the accident. These awards can range from relatively small (a few dollars for suffering and pain) to massive sums of money (millions of dollars in a wrongful death case).

Emotional distress

This type of damages is aimed at compensating the emotional trauma that an injury can cause a victim. This can include anxiety, depression and loss of enjoyment.


This could be given to someone who is injured and has suffered permanent disfigurement because of the accident. It is costly as many people require surgery or other procedures to correct or remove disfigurements.

Loss of companionship and consortium

The purpose of this award is to pay for the loss of the loved one as a result of the accident. This is especially important for those who have children or other dependents.

The awarding of non-economic damages is a separate part of the legal system as opposed to economic damages, and is more difficult to obtain. While they are subject to a higher burden of proof, non-economic damages are usually more difficult to value and are not subject to the same limitations as economic damages.